Friday, April 30, 2010

One of Those Days

6:00 am - I'm up and mopping the kitchen floor while the rest of the house sleeps. I love the mornings I can wake up and have a little extra "alone" time to spend in God's Word and getting the extra cleaning done that seems impossible when everyone is awake!
9:00 am - Girls are up and getting ready for a play date at the park to catch up with old friends!

9:30 am - Our van doesn't start. It's only a 2008 model... should not be having problems! Josh comes out to help, of course, because I cannot even find the latch to pop the hood! Isn't that pitiful?

9:45 am - Josh jump starts us off, so like a good mom I drive off for a play date with my
girls rather than taking the van to the shop. After all, we can't disappoint friends!

10:05 am - We arrive at the park. The girls have a ton of fun with their friends.

11:45 am - It starts to rain, so our play date ends, and, you guessed it, the van doesn't start! I have to call my sweet husband who is trying to enjoy a day off and have him make a 30 minute drive to jump start us again... this time to head to the dealership!
12:15 pm - Josh is driving around the neighborhood where the park is located, frustrated that
he's not finding the park! It's one of those places you have to KNOW where it is!
12:35 pm - We're finally headed to the shop.

1:00 pm - We drop the van off, and head for lunch. By this time, I'll confess, I'm holding back tears the day has been so frustrating.

2:30 pm - We pick up the van. Thankfully it just needed a battery, and since it's under warranty, we didn't have to pay a dime!

3:00 pm - We head to Hobby Lobby for a little stress relief! We found a few things to finish off our mantle.

Our Completed Mantle

3:30 pm - We head home to lay the girls down for a nap, and stuff envelopes to mail our May newsletter.
9:30 pm - We are so tired from "One of those days," but so excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow we get to meet with our soon to be pastor, Richard Exley for a staff lunch, and then enjoy an evening with our entire church community getting to know their soon-to-be pastor.

I'm reminded of a saying my Nana always had hung on a wall in her house. It said, "A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels." I love the key word there, "seldom." I'm so thankful that even when things do unravel, God is right there with us through it all, and somehow He always manages to bring us a brand new day!

We love you all, and hope it's not been "One of those days" for you. But if it has, think on God's love and remember that He promises never to leave us. We can depend on His strength when we feel weak!

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