Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Little Reflection

This morning our house is clean, the kids are still asleep (yes, it's 9:39 am and they are asleep), and we anxiously await good friends to arrive at our house later this afternoon. We were worried earlier this week how we were going to pull it off.  Josh had been sick with the flu, then Kylee was sick with the flu.  Praise God we are flu and fever free for our old friends from SAGU (Southwestern Assemblies of God University) to stay a few days while they itinerate. 

Mel and Jillian Rogers were friends of ours during our college years in Waxahachie, TX.  Just thinking about it makes me miss those days.  Those were the days when cafeteria carbs were strangely your friend, and the freshman fifteen was inevitable. They were also the days when your life was poured into day after day of chapel services.  I can remember how way too many guys were on the search for the perfect wife.  If only they knew how senseless they were.  Those were the days when sometimes your faith and even your calling was really tested.  Those were the days when you constantly got to be with friends.  Those were the days when you spent hours with friends walking around the prayer walk and talking about the dreams you had for your life and ministry.

I can recall many days just like that.  Jillian and I walked around that prayer walk many times.  We probably weren't as spiritual about it as we were desperately trying to work off those carbs from cafeteria food.  Not to mention the late night popcorn and sodas.  Time spent with Jillian was always time spent hearing her heart.  Her heart for missions.  I know Mel's heart was much the same.  I guess that's why we're so excited that they're coming to spend time with us and get to know our church family over the next few days.  They have served local churches for about the past 8 years while preparing for the time when they would be sent out to go into all the world.

They've dreamed their whole life, and now that dream is being fulfilled.  This summer they will be heading off to Bangladesh to study in language school.  Once that is complete, their work will begin there.  Bangladesh is a place where girls are sold into prostitution sometimes younger than the age of 12.  We are blessed with two daughters of our own, and the thought of such tragedy happening in a young girl's life is unbearable for us as parents to even think about.  What a gift Mel and Jillian will be to the people there that so desperately need their help and love.   

It's been eight years since we've seen our friends.  That can be one of the difficult parts of ministry.  Moving puts long distances between you and other friends in ministry. I suppose it's all the more special when you get to reunite and re-aquaint.  They have two precious toddlers about the age of Kylee and Aubrey that we have only seen pictures of.  We are so excited for our kids to MEET!  We honestly probably never thought about our kids playing together while we were in college.  I really don't think we thought that far ahead.

Well, the girls are up and looking for me now, so I better wrap this up.  We will post pictures later of things we get to do this week, and will share with you ways that you can support these brand new missionaries, whether through prayer or financial support! 

We wish everyone a fantastic weekend!  God Bless!

~Josh and Jill

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