Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mackinac Island

After virtually a month of travel, it is good to be home and back to somewhat of a normal routine. We loved our time on the road in July. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that other places in the world exist besides the little bubble we find ourselves in at times. We spent a few days on Mackinac (Mackinaw) Island celebrating my grandfather's 90th birthday, and what a way to celebrate! It was beautiful there, and I will confess, I did not take nearly the pictures that I should have, but I will share what I did take with you.

The ferry that took us to the Island.

I thought this lighthouse was so cute!

Mom and Dad sharing skittles with Kylee and Aubrey.

This was Arch Rock.  Absolutely beautiful!

Someone spelled "I Love Jesus" with rocks in the shoreline.

Kylee with her 2nd cousin, Allie.
This was their first time to meet, and they adored each other!

My Aunt Ellen, cousin Melissa, and sister, Jennifer

My dad and grandmother.

This was one of the hotels on the island.  This picture only shows
about 1/4 of it... it was huge!  Very historic and unique building.

Kylee and Aubrey liked this little chair in the foyer.

Group pic of the family on my dad's side.

We ate, and ate, and ate some more.  Now we need to diet!

Every meal was like a fancy tea party for the girls.
They loved these little desserts.  One day I am going to try
to make some like it.  Hopefully the picture will help me remember!


Little antique child's furniture in the lobby.  They LOVED it!

The entire island was this green and manicured.

We spent time in a butterfly house where the butterflies actually land on you.

He was so proud of that.

They were beautiful butterflies.

Kylee was afraid of the butterfly house, so the face painting outside was
a great relief to her!

She sat so still!


They both love face painting.


Well, that's all for now!  Hope you have found some rest and time in God's presence on this holy day!  Check back tomorrow for "Apply it to Me Monday!"

Love ya!
Josh and Jill


  1. That seems like such an amazing family vaca! And you can totally make fun tea party like treats easily. Just use the good china (or fancy plates you pick up for a buck at a thrift shop) and either make things pink or tiny. A sugar cookie is just a sugar cookie until it is tiny and has pink sprinkles. Use wine glasss and fill them with whipped cream and berries or pudding, chocolate chips and berries. Have you ever made cake balls? They are not quick but they are easy and would be fun for your girls to make too.


  2. Thanks for the tips! I have not tried cake balls, but will definitely look into that!