Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday, "Grandma!"

One of the most unique aspects of visiting the Apache reservation is getting to visit with Grandma. Grandma is Pastor Robert's (the missionary) mother. Everyone on the reservation calls her Grandma because she always gives toys away to children. This week is really special in Grandma's life because she turns 85! So "Happy Birthday, Grandma" via the internet!

Grandma sits on her front porch each day ready to talk with anyone who has the time to sit and chat. She is so full of God's Word, His love, and wisdom, you leave so ecnouraged after talking with her. What is more amazing than even that is her whit! For an 85 year old, she doesn't miss a beat and can connect with teens like there is no age gap at all! She is an incredible woman of God, and we truly miss her!

This year was especially unique because Grandma taught the girls on the team how to make homemade tortillas while the guys were camping in the mountains. We had a blast in her kitchen that day!

Grandma and the girls

Becky learning to cook a tortilla

Kylee enjoying the fruit of our labor

Virginia with her beautiful tortilla

The girls ready to flatten their dough

Jeannie & Grandma

Derek & Grandma
This was after she showed off her talent to play the tamborine.
Grandma can play like no one else!

Grandma's fame after her debut!

Jill & Grandma

Our last night on the Rez!

When you think of the Apaches, and lift them up in prayer, remember Grandma as well! Pray the Lord encourages and strengthens her, blesses her and fills her with His peace!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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