Monday, July 12, 2010

Sharing Love, Hugs, and God's Presence

One of the neatest things about a mission trip is seeing students openly pray with complete strangers with the the faith that God is going to do a restoring work in their lives. Every church service we had was packed out with people, and God's presence was so real and overwhelming. We've posted a few pictures below to give you a little bit of an idea of what we experienced. Hope you enjoy!

Students praying with students

Chad and Randy praying with a man who visited the Sunday night outdoor service

Praying for the precious babies

Students pray with an Apache woman in the parking lot

Creating an altar outdoors surrounded by God's incredible creation

Students praying with the Apache people

Outdoor service in the parking lot on Sunday night

Students sharing life testimonies

It was amazing to watch the sunset over the mountain while we worshipped

These were the cars that pulled in from the highway to listen to what was being preached.

Woshipping in the parking lot

Students were drawn closer to God

We had four students filled with the Holy Spirit while sharing about Jesus to the Apache people.
There are several who are still seeking this gift, & growing in their relationship with God with each passing day.

Two Apache women trusting in God's Word

Our team worshipping on Sunday morning

I think this is what God sees as beautiful!

Students praying with "Grandma"

Joe preached a timely word on Wednesday night to the youth.
Good job, Joe!

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