Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jam Time

So.   My sweet girls and I have found a love we share.  It dates all the way back to my teen years when D.C. Talk, Jars of Clay, and Audio Adrenaline (my fav) were all the craze.  I'm probably feeling this way because I'll turn 30 (gasp!)  this summer, but when I think of some of those classic songs, today's music doesn't compare.  There.  I said it.  The music in "my day" was just better. 

Driving in the van yesterday, I begged the girls if they would listen to some tunes with mommy instead of our usual veggie tales or baby praise.  I'm so thankful to have DVDs to instill godly principles in my children, but I felt if I had to listen to Larry Boy's voice one more time I'd officially lose all sanity.  To my surprise, they complied fairly quickly to listen to music with mommy.  The radio station was fading in and out, so I switched to some older stuff we have in our van, which just happened to be Audio Adrenaline, Big House.  Classic.  I looked back at the girls and they were jammin' away in their car seats.  When the song ended, they begged to hear it again.  We probably listened to it 20 times yesterday.  I was in heaven.  I can listen to a good song over and over when I'm in the mood for it, and yesterday was a good day for a good song & good drive!  When we got home, they were still singing "Big Big House.."  Adorable.

I tried to find a good You Tube video of Big House, and just didn't see any I liked to post here (for those of you who may be too young to know that song), but I did come across a song that was a huge favorite of mine and my life's motto.  It's called "Hand and Feet" and it's probably more recent than "Big House."  Hope you enjoy it along with today's gorgeous weather! 

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  1. Sis. Jill...just so you know, I am there with ya. I can still jam to some "Big, Big House" anytime, anywhere. :) Brings back the good ol' days at kids' camp! (Bahaha - sorry, I had to!) I love you guys! You're just as young and beautiful as ever!