Sunday, November 21, 2010

Camp Update

We are waiting in the cafeteria for our turn to serve the students supper, and have finally timed it to where we are able to blog with Internet connection! Yesterday we just had tons of difficulty getting connected during free moments. We were extremely excited about posting pics throughout the weekend, but must apologize. We did not pack the USB cord for the camera! We will post pics as soon as we possibly can!

We have had some TREMENDOUS times in God's presence. Friday night students responded to God's word in repentance. Last night many more repented, & God poured out His Spirit! Our hearts are so full & expectant for what will take place in tonight's service. The students have really enjoyed the morning sessions in which they are challenged to live a life compelled by God's love for us.

The weekend so far has been so special to the hearts of everyone here. We've created lots of fun memories just hanging out, playing games, going bowling today, not to mention the closeness that comes from experiencing God together in the altar. I wish we could write more right now, but duty calls from the serving line!
We love you, & cannot wait to share those pics with you!

Josh & Jill

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