Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Camp Photos

Winter Camp was a blast for everyone! Friday night we enjoyed a bonfire & hot chocolate after service. Then, Saturday temperatures were up to 75 degrees, then cold again at night. The mild to cold weather set a different tone for camp than in the summer. We loved it.

Our worship band led the worship for each service. We were so proud of them! So many students and sponsors from other churches complemented them on being so genuine. They really are about worshipping God, not just looking and sounding good. God is really using each of them to usher worshippers into His presence in a powerful way.

Our absolute favorite part of camp is the altar time. That is our motivation for going. We love praying for students from all across the state and watching God touch their lives. We saw God stir a hunger in our own students to really operate in the gifts and callings that He offers. One student received a call to full time ministry this weekend. One student felt clearer direction in their calling. It's exciting to take a group of students who are saved and in love with Jesus. It makes camp more fun in a sense. Rather than going to the altar to get saved or repent of deep sin, they run to the altar in pursuit of knowing God more, and sometimes they even minister to other students there. We had incredible times in the altar each service. It will be fun to watch the fruit of those times develop over the weeks and months to come in our Wednesday night services.

We know you are ready to see pictures, so we posted several! Hope you enjoy!

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