Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Mommy

Little Aubrey loves, loves, loves every one of her baby dolls. You would think she would just be attached to a particular one, but she is attached to them all! We have so much fun watching her be such a mom to her babies. She will walk around the house and try to go places with literally 5 or 6 dolls in her arms. We want both our girls to follow the plan God has for their lives, and never want to place an expectation on them that would interfere with that plan. It would not take us by surprise, however, if God's plan for Aubrey included running an orphanage! She is so concerned for every doll.

Throughout the day, she sees to it that they get their naps. This weekend I was cleaning the house, preparing for our life group that we host in our home every 2nd & 4th Sunday night of the month. As I cleaned, I discoverd sleeping babies EVERYWHERE! I posted a few pics just for fun.

These babies are on opposite sides of the Moses basket,
both carefully tucked in with a blanket.

These two are having a little nap together on the floor.

When babies go missing, I've learned to check the cabinets.
I guess they make for a cozy little dark place.
These two are having cheerios for a snack.

Aubrey gets to eat what they don't. :-)

Aubrey is right with me while I'm cutting the bell pepper for our fajitas at Home Life Group.
So are her babies.
She's one happy little mommy.

We wish everyone a fantastic week. God Bless!
~Josh & Jill

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