Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Camp

A few things we are so excited about over Winter Camp next weekend:

1. Giving our students the opportunity to retreat and experience God's presence.

2. Early morning walks and private devotion spent with God.

3. The chance to be with other youth ministers around the state that we only see at events like this.

4. The fact that the weather will be nice. November is like a Michigan summer in Louisiana!

5. The time we'll get to focus on ministering to our incredible students! As much as we love the precious girls God has given us to train up, we cherish the times we get to minister with undivided attention.
Below we have posted a few pics of our incredible students we'll be with at camp.

Each Wednesday, we split into Connect Groups for
small group time.
We've got some Godly girls in our bunch!

A little confession: I had actually posted a few more pictures, but got a little too happy with the backspace key and deleted them! I am not blog savvy enough to get them back without having to nearly start over, so we're a few pictures short of what we would have been! Sorry if you're a student and were really hoping to see your picture on here! Hopefully we will have opportunity to update the blog with pictures during Winter Camp of what's going on! If not, we will get pictures up shortly after! Love you all!

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