Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I was wishing so much today that the girls were big enough to take a picture of how Boston looked during our leash walking training session! I would have LOVED to post a picture. I was so proud of him. He did not flop like a fish one time! (If you haven't read our previous blogs, you may be feeling a little lost. Saturday's blog tells the story of our episodes with Boston, our Brittany Spaniel, and the leash!) I have come to the conclusion there is something about a leash that just terrifies him. When we began working with him today, he immediately put both front paws on that leash like he was ready for the dog dance show. Then he moved one paw to my back jean pocket with the other paw still on the leash. Then with both paws wrapped around my leg he kept up with me. This was when I realized he must really be scared. It reminded me so much of when the girls hug on my leg when they are feeling insecure about something. Finally, after several laps around our small yard, he WALKED! All fours! The girls gave him lots of encouragement and treats. I think we'll be taking a nice family walk really soon, and maybe even a trip to the park... all five of us!

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