Monday, September 26, 2011

Apply it to Me Monday

We are halfway through our "I Am Pure" series that we are hosting for the teen girls in our church on Saturday nights in our home.   It's been so much fun, and so enlightening to look at sensuality through a biblical view point.  It's an idea that God created, and His purposes in it are good.  Our culture has distorted God's design for our sensuality devastating many lives and homes.  I don't think anyone goes unaffected by the bombardment of images on billboards, commercials, and magazines, not to mention the internet.  The pressure to conform to a certain image is incredibly intense on people of all ages, especially teen girls and young women.

There are many prophecies in the Bible that refer to the exact time we are living in today, and many prophecies of an even more difficult time to come.  So how do we withstand the pressures of our culture?  How do we raise daughters who are pure and unblemished by sexual sin? 

Daniel 11:32 says it best:
"With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him."

The answer is simply in knowing God, knowing Christ, knowing His Word.  Our only hope for overcoming temptation and living lives pleasing to God is found in His Word.  I love that the verse doesn't just say the people who know their God will barely survive.  No, it says they will firmly resist him.  They don't just overcome, they pass the test with flying colors, and bring others along in the process.

God loves you so much, and His plans for you are good and perfect for your life.  His boundaries are drawn for our good and our health.  Are you struggling with temptation?  Let me challenge you to open His Word and simply ask Him to help you know Him better.  It is the only way we overcome.  And oh, what a way!  We can't rely on ourselves.  Instead, we get to rely on Him and His goodness. What a relief!

God loves you!
~Josh and Jill

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