Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Pics

 It's been a very exciting week so far around here.  Today Kylee began her very first day of preschool, which to my amazement, was a complete success!  I'll post pictures from her first day tomorrow, but for now I have posted some pics from our Labor Day family fun, which just happened to be the day before Kylee became a big preschooler!

Over the weekend, both girls got a feather in their hair
to celebrate the beginning of Kylee's first school year.

They LOVED them!  Girls are sooo much fun!

I think she's just a little proud, don't you?

This is Labor Day.  We are headed to the Alligator Farm
and Exotic Zoo!

She's ready to see some gators!

Me & my little preschooler at Cracker Barrel.

Alligators.  They seem like some very lazy creatures to me. 

Daddy giving the girls food to feed the petting zoo animals.
They were a delight to watch.

Sisters and best friends.  I'm so thankful they have each other.

Daddy and his girls. 

She loved this horse! 

Aubrey went for the Jeep.  Girl after her daddy's heart!

Later that night we painted finger nails and toe nails.
It's become a fun little tradition for us.

Beautiful toes.

Kylee's backpack hanging on the cabinet by the door.
We're ready for our first day of Pre-K!

I let the girls each pick a book for me to read to them before we headed to bed.  Kylee picked her favorite, Dance Me Daddy by Cindy Morgan.  It's a story of a little girl who brings her parents so much joy and grows up.  She gets married and everything!  What mama puts themselves through reading a book like that at bedtime?!  The story makes me tear up everytime, but somehow reading it the night before preschool was especially emotional.  I have loved having her so small, and sometimes I miss the little baby things she used to do, but I daily make the choice to enjoy every moment and every stage of her life.  I choose to live in the moment, while holding the past close, and anticipating the future with excitement.  A phrase that's repeated throughout her favorite little story is this, "And though some things change, some things stay the same."   I have found that to be true.  There are things about her little person that have been there since she was a baby, and they always will be.  Although she will grow up and become all God has intended for her to be, she will always be my little Kylee.

So, congratulations, sweet Kylee.  Your mommy & daddy are so proud of you!

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  1. That's really sweet and touching! You guys are great parents and awesome pastors!