Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kylee's First Day of Pre-K

So, here they are!  The pics of Kylee's first day at preschool!  She did great!

Getting ready to head out for her big day.
Lil' sis wasn't quite sure what to think of all the change.

She's ready to go.  Her first year as a student!

She will always be my baby.  I don't care what they say!

The "bye" kiss

Kylee and her teacher, Mrs. Becca.
She couldn't have gotten a sweeter teacher!

This is where she puts her name to check in each morning.

I knew she would be just fine when I saw the kitchen!
She LOVES a kitchen.  Maybe she'll be an incredible chef one day.

A little play time at the park after school.
The weather has been gorgeous!  A breath of fresh air after
a long, hot August.

I surprised her with a Happy Meal.
I had missed her, even though it was only 3 hours!

Pure delight on the swings.

Well, that's it.  Our first day of Pre-K.  And might I add, she didn't cry (which was a miracle) and neither did I (possibly a greater miracle)!  I'm thankful she's in a great school, and not just a great school, but the school we chose for her.  God's provision is never found lacking in my life.  How very blessed we are to have a Heavenly Father who knows how to give good gifts to us!

~Josh and Jill

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