Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Incase You're Wondering

Incase you are wondering about the pages we have added to the blog, we want you to know that we will soon be doing some neat things with those!  We want to expand the blog to really show the ministries in which we serve here in Shreveport so those of you miles away can feel plugged in to what God is doing here and have direction in how to pray!  For those of you in Shreveport, well, hopefully this will be a source of pride and joy for you!  We will have some interactive times here as well as let you hear from some of our incredible students from time to time! 

So hang in there, and keep checking back for more PAGES!

Because of Love... 
Josh and Jill

A little side note...

Speaking of incredible students, here our two of our beloved students playing with Kylee & Aubrey at the spray grounds today.  Thanks Ashleigh & Carol for loving on our girls!  I don't know what they would do without all the teenage love they receive!  We feel so blessed!

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