Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Recap #3

The day Kylee had her party at preschool and sang songs with the group was just precious and priceless to us!  She LOVES preschool and was so PROUD that her family was there.  We soaked that in, and prayed that she would stay that way! 

Here she is on stage in the very center.
They had a book exchange with their classes after the program.
This is Kylee waiting patiently smiling!
The book Kylee brought.
We found it on sale, and let me say, I would highly recommend it.
It teaches children the true spirit of giving and I would have cried
the first time I read it had I not been standing in the book aisle of Lifeway.
I had to choke back tears... it's that good!
They drew Kylee's name very last, and she was so patient through the whole thing.
Finally opening her book:
We love it!
Icing a brownie..
Little Aubrey was a little lost for a while, until she found something to do..

Our children are our heritage from the Lord!   These are moments we cherish!

~Josh and Jill

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