Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Recap #4

A few last pictures of the girls at Christmas.  It's just a portion of what we have, but you'll get the idea!

Kylee was wide awake and excited for presents!
Aubrey seemed a bit sleepy.  They are usually the exact opposite
in the mornings!  Kylee doesn't do mornings so much and Aubrey
is usually our early bird!

I love the smocked dresses my mom gave them.
I'll be tempted to let them wear them every Sunday!
A sweet smile!
New appliances for the kitchen... oh yes!
Our fam... We need to take more family pictures.
New Year's Resolution!  LOL!
Kylee and Aubrey in the bed they share at Grammy and Pawpaw's house.
They each get to sleep with a gi-normous doll.  They love it!
Fun pic of Kylee and me.
Hope you all had a very blessed Christmas!  I can honestly say that what made Christmas special to me this year was not all the trappings, rather it was the very closeness of Christ in my heart!  I'm so thankful He gives us a reason to live and celebrate life!

~Josh and Jill

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