Monday, July 18, 2011

Apply it to Me Monday

Posted by Jill Merchant

Today we are packing up our things to leave the reservation, so it is a bittersweet morning.  I am able to post because some of the sweet Apache ladies are making breakfast burritos today for the team, so I am officially DONE in the kitchen!  I would have posted more over the past 6 days, but cooking 3 meals a day for 50+ people is a constant job.  It's a job, though, that I was glad to do.  This group of students has been an honor to serve in that way.

My heart is so full from our time here.  Even though I've been in the kitchen, God has allowed me a few opportunities to get to talk and pray with a few Christian ladies.  When we set out to come here, I felt God directing my heart to encourage the Christians here.  You don't usually meet the lost in the church kitchen, but you do meet some sweet, dedicated women of God there.  They are the ones who will continue to have an impact in this community, and I felt that when we prayed, it was the kind of prayer that moves mountains! 

A verse I am leaving with some of them, and will be praying over their lives is Psalm 9:10.  It says:

"Those who know  your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you."

I think at times the people in Carrizo and on the Apache reservation feel forgotten, and rightly so.  But God has not forgotten them, not for one second.  My prayer is that they will feel and know that, and as they trust in God, He will pour out His Spirit on their land and bring about the breakthroughs they've been longing for.  One lady named Jonelle, that we have all gotten very close to, shared with our team last night her appreciation in our coming.  She said, "No one ever comes to Carrizo, but you came to Carrizo, and that means so much that you would even come."  That brought tears to my eyes and made me want to stay another month!  Father, remind them you have not forgotten!

Loved one, I hope as you read this, the Holy Spirit quickens your heart to lift this people group before the Father to intercede on their behalf.  The Bible tells us that the effective prayers of a righteous man or woman avail much!  Your prayers matter.  Will you pray for the Apache people today?

~Josh and Jill

On a side note:Our team has done a FANTASTIC job here.  We could not ask for a better group of students.  They have jumped in and built relationships, been willing to do hard work, and have volunteered to help me cook clean up all on their own.  Good job, parents!  We are proud to get to lead this team of students!  I hope to post some pictures really soon, so hang tight!  Love you all!


  1. wow! that brought tears to my eyes just reading that, cant imagine being there in person. i know you guys have done a great job and i know the right group of kids were suppossed to be there. have a safe trip back. love you guys laurie

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