Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Faith to Raise the Dead

Posted by James David Wade

After an exhausting ride from Shreveport to Carrizo, a small village on the Apache Indian Reservation, we all slept pretty well! This morning we woke up early in order to ride to some of the believer's homes and take showers. Honestly, when we arrived at the home at which my group (Caleb, Chase Hunter, Nick, and myself) was supposed to shower... I was a little skeptical. Afterall, the house was purple! However, I soon found out that we were in for an awesome treat. The home we showered in belonged to a 69 year old woman named Ms. Ida. She was such a warm host. Everyone took showers and got dressed. We came back into the living room and Ms. Ida began sharing some of her testimony with us. What she told us had an impact on me and the rest of the group that really set the mood for why we are here and how powerful our God is. This is an excerpt from Ms. Ida's story. Enjoy.

"About five or six years ago, my blood sugar dropped to ten. I was outside and I soon lost consciousness. Suddenly I was outside of my body. I looked down and saw my body and I knew that I was dead, but I had peace. I floated up high into the sky and soon found myself in a beautiful valley. There were mountains and a river. It was the most beautiful place that I have ever been. Then, I heard voices echoing off of the valley walls. Somehow I knew that the voices were those of people praying, and I earnestly wanted to join in with them. So, I headed toward the sound of their voices. When I got close to them I discovered that the people praying were my friends and loved ones praying over me. They were asking God to bring me back to life. I began to pray with them. Soon I found myself back in my body again! I was alive! Everyone was amazed. I had been dead for a while at that point. My niece had checked me for a pulse several times to no avail. Later one of my friends told me that right before Jesus resurrected me she saw a white light come down from Heaven onto my body."

Ms. Ida then told us of how this experience had impacted her life and how God used her testimony to lead many to Christ. She also told us of other encounters that she's had with the Lord. We all thought that we were simply going for a shower this morning, but God used this extraordinary believer to impact everyone present...especially myself. I thank the Lord for confirming His Word and showing each of us that He is still in the miracle working business today!


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