Monday, July 18, 2011

Just a Few Pics... More to Come!

We arrived safely in Flagstaff at about 2:30 for some much needed rest.  I only have a moment before we leave with the team to eat, but wanted to post just a few pictures. We'll post more later on.
Kylee and Aubrey when we stopped at the Ice Caves.


The church where we ministered in Carrizo, AZ.

Our team leading the children in songs for VBS.

They look like they are enjoying the song!

Abby teaching the memory verse with Rocky Robbin.

Key cookin' up some fry bread with Jonelle.

The kids got to pet this horse.

Indian Taco

The children were precious!

There was such a sweet presence of God in our services.

I know it's brief, but it's time to go meet the team!  Check back for more pics!

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