Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prayer Mountain

Posted by Tom Kendrick

If you have ever been on a fort apache missions trip, or talked with anyone who has, you've undoubtably heard of the famous Prayer Mountain. Donated by the Apache government solely for the use of the Assembly of God, the Mountian is located in the middle of and overlooks the capital city of whiteriver. Standing on the top of the Mountain, you can see the whole city, the good parts and the not so good. For example, the bar through which every alcoholic drink enters the city, along with the AG church which God has used to bless the reservation in such great ways. Looking beyond the city nestled in the valley, you can see the glorious mountain range which encircles the town. If you ever have the oppurtunity to be on the mountain while the sun is setting, you will see one of the most beautiful sights on this earth. Despite these great views, the best thing about the mountain is the thick pressence of God which always rests on the place. On one occasion we had the privelage of praying on the mountian after a storm. As the dark rain clouds parted, the sun shined forth in a fiery orange, which brilliantly illuminated the darkening sky. Everyone who saw that will remember it forever. Missions trips, esspecially Fort Apache, are physically, menatally, and emotionally draining. The only place where you can replenish and refuel is in the pressence of the most high God, and what better place to experience our creator, than in his glorious creation. 

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